Voyage Melbourne 2016

‘’Anglais Plus troisième’’ write about their trip to Melbourne

Our visit at Sea Life

It was on Wednesday the 5th of October in the morning.
We were at Ripponlea to take the train to Flinders Street.
When we arrived we walked to Sea Life during 15 minutes.
After our arrival at Sea Life …

…We came inside and we had to listen to a woman.
We saw fishes, sharks, turtles and penguins…

The Immigration Museum

In the afternoon, we went to the Immigration Museum. The museum is situated in Flinders Street. In the Museum we could see passports of immigrants. We also saw a reconstitution of a ship that the immigrants used to take to go to Australia. The visit was very interesting because all the immigrants have been building Australia up to now.


On Friday, October 7th, we went ice-skating with our teachers in the morning. A coach taught us how to ice-skate. He taught us how to fall, how to stand up, how to turn right or left and to stop.
After that, we could ice-skate on our own. It was fun, a lot of pupils fell but nobody was injured.
Then, we drank hot chocolate with teachers.

Harbour town shopping center

In the afternoon, after ice-skating, we went shopping in Harbour town shopping center. It was great. We stayed about two hours, and we bought some clothes, shoes, and gifts for our families.

Melbourne Zoo

On Tuesday the 10th October, we visited the Melbourne Zoo. That was cool ; not very long but very interesting. We saw beautiful and exotic animals like giraffes, red pandas, tigers, koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils and platypus. The zoo is very big and it is easy to get lost. My classmates bought some stuffed animals and gifts.

Old Melbourne Goal

On Thursday morning, we went to the Old Melbourne Goal. We saw a life-size photo of Ned Kelly and the cell where he was a prisoner. It was really impressive. We saw how people were executed with a rope : they hanged them by crossing the rope around their neck and opened a trapdoor under their feet. We saw cells where prisoners lived ? They had very bad conditions of life. They slept on the ground and they had not a lot to eat. Our guide spoke about Ned Kelly who received twenty eight bullets in his arms and legs during his final battle against the police forces. He was an outlaw, as famous as Jesse James in the USA. He also had an armor which protected him from bullets. But, he was captured and hanged when he was only 25. It was very interesting.


We went to Scienceworks in the afternoon.
At the beginning, we saw a short movie about space in the Planetarium.
After that we went to try different activities like football 3D, netball…
We saw futuristic things like the famous robot of Star Wars C3PO, 3D keyboard, magic elevator…
We were in a little cabin where we tried emotional music.
At last, we went to a gift shop. We bought a lot of gifts for our families.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is the biggest open-air market in Australia and in the southern hemisphere. There are some restaurants, clothes stores, grengrocers’… Victoria Market is located between Victoria Street and Capel Street in the North of Melbourne. We went to Victoria Market on Tuesday the 10th of October for lunch in the afternoon. We ate at Canton Fast Food, a Chinese restaurant. After we went shopping for 2 hours, and everybody bought some clothes. After shopping we took the tramway to Flinders Street Station and to go back home.

Shelford Girls’ Grammar

We also stayed two days at Shelford Girls’ Grammar. When we were there, we attended classes with our correspondents. For lunch, we met with the group at the cafeteria. It was really great fun to stay at our correspondents’ during this trip. The families were very nice, and we thank them all, and the school for their wonderful welcome.

By ‘’anglais + 3ème, Collège de Païta Nord’’ : ATUFELE Laurraine, BAZIT Rose, BRIAL Nolane, CAHMA Nassaïe, CAMPANELLA Brenda, CANNAMELA Guillaume, DIEMENE Katyane, DUPUIS Thomas, FALELAVAKI Thomas, FENUFANOTE Haucia, LEDRU Thomas, MALAVAL Chloé, MALAVAL Julian, NYIPIE Marie, PELIZZOLI Noah, PONS Margaux, REGNIER Claudio, RIMBERT Brenda, TERIITAU Océane, TIAIBA Hubert.